To All Badminton Enthusiasts...


“Would You Like To Discover How You Can Outplay Your Arch Rivals And Make THEM Look Like Bumbling Fools For A Change?...


Well Now You Can, By Learning The Closely Guarded ‘Secret Tactics’ Of Some Of The Greatest Badminton Players In The World... 


Once You've Used These Techniques Yourself, Your Opponents Will Have No Idea How To Beat You From Now On!”



Dear Fellow Badminton Nut


The Letter Are you sick and tired of being beaten by the same old players?


Wouldn't you love to be a better Badminton player so you can finally get your revenge...


And have them running around the court after your shots for once?


Don't you get angry and frustrated when your opponents always seem to read you like a book...

Wherever you hit your shots, they’re already there...

Ready and waiting to hit the shuttle back to exactly where you don’t want it to go because you know you'll have to play one of your weaker shots!

And what about those games when everything you do seems to go wrong. You know what I mean, you can't hit a winner to save your life.


In fact when you take the time to think about it and analyze how you played, you realize you actually gave them more points than they won.



The Problem is, If You Don’t Have the Skills or Understand the Strategies Used in Badminton, All You'll Do is Make the Good Players Look Better and Yourself Look Even Worse...


But in the next few minutes, I'm going to show you how you can change this forever... how you can be the player that all the others in your club want to beat


I'll tell you about an amazing '3 part' system which I guarantee will improve EVERY area of your game, no matter what standard you play at now.


And the good news is, it isn’t difficult to use the skills and techniques you'll learn… once you’ve added them in to your own game, you'll be amazed at the difference even the smallest changes will make.


The techniques you'll discover, will show you: -


red tickHow to become a better player, so you serve perfectly, hit smashes like rockets, and play accurate backhand's with ease...


red tickHow to outsmart your opponents so they’re the ones chasing around after YOUR shots all match long.


red tickHow to instantly analyze and then exploit your oppositions strengths and weaknesses.


red tickSome little known advanced tactics that will make you a much harder player to play against.


red tickThe most common mistakes that virtually all Badminton players make... and more importantly, how to avoid making them yourself.


red tickHow to improve your Badminton fitness, so you have the strength and stamina to keep going to the end of every game.



The Truth is You Don't Have to Be the Underdog Anymore... YOU Can Be the Player Everyone Else Wants to Beat! 


Once you know HOW to play every shot perfectly, you'll be in control of the game...


Instead of being pulled from pillar to post like a headless chicken, chasing your next shot, you’ll be able to instantly turn the tables on your opponents so that now YOU control and dictate the play.


If you haven't mastered the basics though, you'll often miss even the easy shots and this is so frustrating...


It’s a bad enough feeling when you're playing singles, but if you're playing doubles and you don't have an understanding partner, it’s like you can feel their disapproving stare on your back... or worse still hear their groans of disappointment after your misses... which just adds to the pressure you feel...


Sometimes you can get so angry with yourself for missing the simple shots that you start to tense up and this makes things even worse.


The more you shout and berate yourself the worse you end up playing…


It’s a vicious circle.


But it doesn't have to be this way. Learning some simple but crucial techniques and tactics will ensure all your shots are played with accuracy and purpose...


You'll start to get the familiar glow of pride and satisfaction every time you play a shot exactly the way you wanted to...


From the idea in your mind right through to the shuttle landing in exactly the place you planned it to go.


Gail Emms

"Technique is very important, it is a skill sport at the end of the day, so you do have to get the finer touches on your skill…


...I’m still learning new techniques now.


It’s important to get the right basic technique but then you’ve got to put your own natural ability in to it as well, it’s got to be natural, it shouldn’t be forced.


Technique is only there as a guideline and then the rest is up to you, you’ve got to feel the shuttle and be there and you’ve got to be on court and just playing your game and that’s the most important thing."


Gail Emms

Olympic Silver Medallist


Most Players Simply Aren't Aware of an Underlying Tactical Game That All the Best Players Use To Their Advantage...


And when you know how to do this yourself, the game becomes a much easier one to play...


And more enjoyable!


Instead of running around the court wildly, desperately thrashing at every shot, you’ll learn how to conserve energy...


You'll always be in the right place at the right time, making every shot much easier to play.


Once you see that beneath the surface of every game there is a much more subtle and deeper challenge going on...


A tactical and strategic battle which is won in the mind of the victor.


Then you'll know how to use it to your advantage.


If you aren't even aware that this happens, the players who do know will always outsmart you.


Because it's a fact that this is where most of the games you play in are won or lost... in the winners mind!



Imagine How Confident You'd Feel the Next Time You Play Badminton...


If You Knew Exactly How to Take Your Opponents Apart...


Within minutes, your new tactical brain will have uncovered the secret code to unlock their game... 


You’d dictate all the rallies so you’re in control.


Every shot you play will unravel your opponent as you exploit their weaknesses and play to your own strengths.


Once you learn what to look for and understand how it can help you to become a better player, you'll make very rapid progress. 



Chau YapHi Jago 

Congratulations on your new training program, I’m impressed.


I love the way you have included training exercises for all of the areas used in badminton. Shoulders, Core, Flexibility, on court and I especially like the forearm routine, really great for anyone who doesn’t have power in their shots.


The exercises are really easy to follow and the photos make it simple to understand. All round a really good training program, I think you’ve done an amazing job.


Chau Yap


Wouldn't it Be Great to Have That Extra Edge On Your Competition?


Well, With a Deeper Understanding of the Game Comes Better Results...


You're Just a Small Step Away From Having Both!


Wouldn’t you like to make your doubles partners proud, so you feel like you’ve given something and really contributed to each game. Or taken on your singles arch nemesis and won?


Well, the truth is, learning advanced Badminton techniques and strategies will help you to achieve this and add a whole new dimension to the way you play.


If you simply turn up each week, pull out your racket, warm up quickly, play a few games and then leave without ever considering what went on over the course of the game...


Then you're never going to get any better!


One definition of madness is constantly doing the same things yet expecting different results...


If you want to change, if you want to get better... then you have to do something about it.


The chances are that you’ll never be the best technical player that you’ll come across, so you need to have a little something extra to play them with…


And the good news is that you CAN learn all this.


It doesn’t involve hours and hours of practice or a fantastic level of fitness...


Just a deeper knowledge and understanding of the sport.


The advanced Badminton techniques you'll learn through this system will show you how to do this, meaning you'll never just hope to play well...


You'll have the skills to ensure it happens all the time!


You’ll be in control... you'll see the game in a whole new light.



Stop Worrying About Making Mistakes, Find Out Why You Make Them... Then Learn How Put Them Right


Do you sometimes have so little confidence in your skills that you always take the easy option of a long clear when you could easily hit a smash or a drop shot to win the point?


Many players play this way and because of this they never get any better.


It’s also another very common mistake to try and be too precise and aim to play your shots in to EXACTLY the right spot...


The better your opponent is, the more exact you feel you've got to be.


Doing this only leads you to being far too careful and you'll tense up more as the game goes on, forcing you in to making even more unnecessary errors.


A new racket won’t help you, you’ll still make the same mistakes... hitting it back to your opponent so they can just smash it back at you...


More practice won't make any difference either, not unless you're practicing a NEW way of playing.


You see, if all you're doing is replaying the same old shots over and over again, you're literally reinforcing in your mind the mistakes you keep making.


The truth is... once you understand how to play the shots correctly and where the best places to hit the shuttlecock are, it doesn't really matter if every shot is so precise...


It doesn't need to be!



If You Always Seem To Lose Your Cool on Critical Points, Don't Worry, Help is at Hand...


There's a very simple way to get rid of the demon inside your mind who keeps your confidence down and belittles you every time you make a mistake...


We all have a negative voice inside our heads...


But it’s how you control the voice that makes the difference between winners and losers.


If you get so angry and frustrated that you feel like giving up and breaking your racket in to a million pieces, then don’t…


We’ve all been there, your just letting your emotions win


The chances are your emotions are also controlling your game too.


Once you use the tactics you'll learn, you'll notice a very strange thing happen to the way you play...


Instead of beating yourself up over the mistakes you make, you'll realise that it's an opportunity to learn...


With each mistake you make, you'll get better and better...


You'll begin to focus on the things you do well and how to do them even better, instead of filling your head with negative self defeating drivel.


You'll finally discover how to get in to the 'zone'


You'll start seeing the benefits that such a focussed and clear mind can give you...


You'll become a much better player.



With a Better Level of Fitness, You'll Be Virtually Untouchable


Well won't you?


Haven't you ever played against anyone that was much older than you or seemed a little puny or more out of shape than you, only to find they were amazing players and ended up beating you easily.


Do you remember when you first started playing, you'd rush around the court like a lunatic, blindly lolloping from one side of the court to the other...


Perhaps you still do that now, especially if you're fit enough to do it.


Unfortunately, being fit can be a curse because instead of using as little energy as possible and playing tactically, you can tend to rely on your ability to run and keep going.


Any experienced but much less fit opponents will see this and they'll know exactly how to play against you.


They'll just run you around for fun, so you'll have little or no time to think about each shot or how the game is being played…


Whilst being fit is a very important part of most sports, it is also a huge benefit when playing Badminton...


But... and this is a very important but...


You need to learn a very specific type of fitness to play Badminton.


You should work on certain types of movements which are common only to this sport.


Fortunately for you, this fitness is easy to improve, once you know how...



So Who Am I and What's This All About?


Well firstly, let me just explain that I'm not a world class Badminton player or even a particularly great player, but I do love the sport very much and I've gone from being a very average player to what I can honestly say is a 'good' standard in a very short amount of time.


But this isn't about me, as I'll soon explain to you.


Jago HolmesMy name is Jago Holmes and I'm a recreational Badminton player and my job is a personal trainer, which is something I've been doing for over 10 years now.


I've learnt the hard way how to improve as a Badminton player over the last few years and I've made many mistakes along the way.


But hopefully by following my advice, you won't have to do the same...


In the beginning, when I first started playing, I found it very frustrating.


I was usually really good at everything I tried... but not Badminton...


I wanted to win.


It's in my nature, but no matter what I did, my opponents always seemed to raise their game.


When I first started playing, I didn't really feel like I was a part of the group...


I don’t mean socially, that wasn't the problem. No, I mean I wasn't accepted as one of the players that everyone wants to play with.


I think I was one of the players that secretly nobody else wanted to play with or against.


Let's be honest here, if you plain and simply aren’t good enough, then you won't be much fun to play against or on the same side as... even if they think you’re a great person!



Have You Ever Noticed That the Best Players in the Group Only Seem to Have to Step on Court to Be Guaranteed a Win...


Even When They Have a Weaker Partner!


Their will to win always seems to carry them through, and you always seem to cave in at the crucial moments.


I remember that I used to hate any pressure at all...


I used to dread it when shots were played to my backhand and surprisingly enough that's where they always seemed to go...


My backhand always took a hammering, because they knew that if I had to hit one, I’d just be pleased to hit it back anywhere over the net.


I’m not having a go at my opponents here, they were just playing the game… but the difference is they knew how to.


They’d either learned the hard way over the years or read about how to do it, in exactly the same way you have the opportunity to do here today...


I remember many times the feeling of excitement as I saw the shuttlecock launched high in to the air right in front of me, with plenty of time to position myself underneath, just right to hit the ‘perfect’ all conquering smash…


But because it was one of the few opportunities I got, I knew it had to be good...


The expectation welled up inside of me as I swung my arm back eagerly and hopefully in preparation for the ensuing ‘match winner!’…


Only to crash and burn, swishing away at thin air and missing the shuttle completely…


Finally against the eerie silence, I’d hear it land with a pitiful tap at my feet!


Whenever you look up from picking up the shuttlecock with a red face after one of those hum dinger's you’re always wondering who’ll be smirking or worse still blatantly laughing out loud at you…


It’s probably one of the most humiliating things about Badminton.


But it feels much worse if you're playing doubles.


The pressure always builds when you're playing with a partner because you can sense their expectant glare on your back as you miss yet another 'sure thing' winner.


My only goal used to be to hit the shuttlecock back, I wasn't interested in where it went.


For me, getting it over the net anywhere was a real achievement!



So What Was the Turning Point For Me?


At what point did I start getting better and winning matches?


Well that’s an easy one to answer, I can attribute it all to one person, or perhaps from your point of view the information that this one person gave me.


A friend of mine called Dave who is affectionately known as ‘coach’ by his Badminton friends, taught me some of the basics.


Whilst he did give me a few practical pointers which helped me to play better, I actually learned the most from his experience and knowledge of the game…


The tips, tactics and strategies he gave me were the real thing that made the biggest difference to the way I played.


Whenever he watched a game he SAW far more than I did and when he explained to me what he was looking for and taught me exactly how to do the same, it all clicked nicely in to place.



The Truth of it is, the Players Who’d Been Beating Me For Months Weren’t Actually Any Better Than Me, They Weren’t Any Fitter and Didn’t Have Any More Skill Than Me… 


They Simply Unravelled My Game and Fully Exploited My Weaknesses…


Oh yes, they also played to their own strengths which also emphasised my weak points even more!


My friend Dave wasn't a professional player, he was just a very good recreational player.


But he did know of some of the basics behind the game, but certainly not everything...


So to help me out and take me to the next level, he recommended a couple of DVD's which he personally used to help improve his own game.



And Once I'd Watched These Superb DVD's, I Realised What I'd Been Missing All This Time...


They gave me a much deeper knowledge and taught me 'insider' information that I'd been searching for years to find, but also much, much more...


In fact the strategies and tactics I learned from these DVD's have taken my game on to a whole new level entirely and I want you to benefit from them as well.


So let me introduce you now to these golden nuggets and also my own personal addition to this great Badminton training package.


Badminton England's 'Technique DVD', 'Tactics DVD' and my very own Badminton fitness training program - 'Badminton Training - How To Get Fit To Win.'



Badminton Coaching package


This Badminton package really does provide you with absolutely everything you need to take your game on to a whole new level. The technique DVD will teach you how to play every shot perfectly and improve your positioning and footwork on court.


The Tactics DVD gives you insider techniques and tips about how to outsmart your opponents.


And my fitness training program gives you loads of practical exercises to do and 8 functional workouts which focus on improving every area involved in a typical game of Badminton...



'Badminton England Technique DVD'


Badminton Techniques is a coaching DVD that has been created by Badminton England which includes live footage to provide real life examples of the way each shot should be played and when... So you can see how it fits in to a game situation.


Badminton TechniqueFeaturing a detailed breakdown and analysis of 19 of the most common strokes played in Badminton, this is a must have for anyone wanting to get the basics just right or those wanting to progress on to a higher level.


The old saying 'practice makes perfect' is only true if you are practicing to play shots the right way. Keep practicing playing shots the wrong way and all you're doing is reinforcing the same old mistakes. Doing this means you won't get better, you'll only get worse.


Presented by Gail Emms (Olympic Silver Medalist) this DVD shows in clear, easy to understand video clips exactly how each shot should be played, with computer aided graphics to really breakdown and analyze every movement.


With insights from England's top Badminton coaches John Quinn and Steve Butler, there really isn't anything that isn't fully covered in this great coaching guide.


Amongst many things, you'll discover...


red tickHow to hit the shuttle perfectly every time which reduces stress on all the joints whilst increasing power and accuracy.


red tickA clever but little known trick for holding the racket which ensures that you’ll get maximum power and laser like accuracy.


red tickWhere to hit shots when you’re struggling to return them, so that you never play a ‘hit and hope' EVER again!


red tickHow to serve to put your opponent in difficulty and cause confusion so that you're in the driving seat and YOU get an advantage right from the start.


red tickAn easy way to play drop shots over the net... this isn't as difficult as you might think.


red tickWhen to drive the shuttle low and hard and when to clear, the simple answer to this common dilemma.


red tickA deep and thorough understanding of the basic strokes used in Badminton, with clear instructions, diagrams and DVD footage of exactly how to play them yourself.


red tickSome great tips and techniques which make playing at the net a breeze… you’ll be able to add skillful net play to your new arsenal of match winning shots.


And much, much more...



'Badminton England Tactics DVD'


Without tactics on a Badminton court you might as well concede the game straight away. If you don't use tactics in your game now or select the wrong tactics, then you're missing out on a HUGE part of the puzzle.


Badminton TacticsThese simple but incredibly effective strategies will allow you to take control of points and dominate matches. The chances are your opponents don't know about these little known gems of wisdom and if not, you can easily control games and have them running around after your shots all match long.


This DVD clearly demonstrates and explains the effective use of tactics for singles and doubles play and perhaps more importantly how to apply them to your own game.


Real life footage from the YONEX All-England Championships is used to provide practical examples of these tactics in match situations.


Top players and coaches give their thoughts and tips on how to use the tactics effectively in the matches you play, allowing you to stay in control of points and keep your opponents on the back foot.


In this DVD you'll learn...


red tickHow to play to your opponents weaknesses and FULLY take advantage of them to win points easily.


red tickTo stop playing to your oppositions strengths, that’s what they want you to do and the chances are, that’s the reason why they’re playing the shots they do.


red tickHow to anticipate where the likely return shots will be hit and be ready and waiting to kill the point.


red tickA vital lesson in doubles play, you’ll discover the best places to stand so you work as a smooth attacking unit and an organized and impenetrable defence.


red tickThe best tactics to use when playing singles, giving you more time and space to play your rival in to trouble.


red tickHow to win the tactical battle going on under the surface of every good match, ignoring this part of game is one of the biggest mistakes virtually all Badminton players make.


And much, much more...



'Badminton Training - How To Get Fit To Win'


Badminton TrainingThis unique and cutting edge Badminton fitness training manual contains over 113 pages of quality advice and training programs... It's a complete guide to improving your fitness specifically for Badminton.


Every fundamental area is covered in depth. The program includes chapters and workouts for improving flexibility, core stability, forearm power and shoulder strength as well as four varied and fun fitness workouts to try.


When using the programs you have the option of training outside, at home, at a gym or actually on court. All of these programs are guaranteed to improve your strength, speed, flexibility and power, specifically for playing Badminton.


Here are some of the things you can expect to notice after using my Badminton fitness training program yourself. You be able to: -


red tickHit faster smashes and more powerful backhand clears to keep your opponents under pressure.


red tickDevelop lightning fast footwork and speed to easily reach 'impossible' shots...


red tickWear your opponents down... whilst they'll be struggling to get to shots, you'll still be as fresh as when you first stepped on court


red tickCreate a stable core to ensure pinpoint shuttle placement on every shot, so you hit more winners


red tickVirtually eliminate 'Next day' pain... no more back ache, shoulder problems or tennis elbow pain.


Not only will you dramatically improve the way you play, but you'll also be healthier, stronger, have more confidence, lose weight and be much fitter if you follow the simple advice contained inside this cutting edge Badminton fitness guide.



Until Now You Couldn’t Buy Experience Like This, You’d Have to Play at the Highest Level in the World For Years to Gain These Kinds of Insights and Insider Knowledge


But now you can, EVERYTHING you need to take you on to a new level is here for you, because inside this superb Badminton package you'll also learn: -

  • How to become a better player, move faster, hit harder, read the game clearer and tactically dominate everyone you play against. 
  • How to defend against your opponent's attacking shots so that you can quickly turn defense in to your own attacks . 
  • Learn the most effective ways of moving around the court, so you’re always in the best position to play you’re next shot. 
  • Find out what your own strengths are and then focus on using them... you’ll be able to change the way you play, so your opponents don’t stand a chance of beating you. 
  • How to completely confuse and outwit your opponents, by hiding and disguising the shots you really intend to play. 
  • Understand why you tend to play particular shots and make certain mistakes, then put the problems right. 
  • Why choosing the wrong shots could be giving your opponents a chance to get back in to the game. 
  • The one thing you absolutely must do before each and every match. 


Once You Fully Understand and Can Use the Key Strategies and Tactics You’ll Learn From This Training Package...


There’ll Be Nobody You Know Who’ll Be Able to Predict Where You’ll Play You’re Next Shot


You'll discover how to get yourself out of trouble AND turn games around to put yourself in the driving seat.


You'll begin to take control of rallies so you dictate the match... and you'll also learn: - 

  • How to save energy and play efficiently so that you can focus on playing shots, not just getting to them. 
  • Some great fitness tips and training drills to improve your court movement and stamina. 
  • How to play each stroke so you get maximum results using minimum energy. 
  • How to stop feeling like you’re always letting your partner down. Be the reliable player, the one who steadies the ship, you'll learn how to play the shots you’re good at and force your opposition in to making mistakes. 
  • How to set yourself up for the perfect smash so you generate power and accuracy without losing your position on court. 
  • How to spot your own technical faults and correct them easily... so you stop making the same mistakes over and over again. 
  • Why one particular shot played at the net is virtually impossible to return. 
  • How to use your body to trick your opponents in to making mistakes. 
  • The best way to play doubles so that your opponents are always on the back foot. 


This Unique Badminton System Will Not Only Teach You Everything You've Just Read About But it Will Also Show You How to Improve Every Single Part of Your Game...


Once you have this system, you'll be an expert yourself. You'll see the game in a completely new light and you'll realise why certain players do specific things.


In short, the game of Badminton will become easier and even more fun to play.


What's more, you'll learn how to use these strategies and tactics in whatever situation you find yourself in... 


Whether you’re defending a smash…


Clearing from the back…


Or playing a winner at the net.


It doesn't matter what part of the game you're at, who you are playing... these tactics, strategies and techniques will improve every area of your game... period!



So Here's 5 Good Reasons Why You Need This System...

1: These techniques have been proven to work...

These are the exact same techniques and strategies that are taught to some of the best players in the world, by world class coaches.

Don't forget, the quickest way to get results is to copy what's already been proven to work.

If the top players in the world are using this kind of knowledge and these types of techniques and tactics, then you can be certain it's going to teach everyday players like you and me how to become much better.

2: These are coaching DVD's from professional Badminton players and coaches who are qualified to give you advice!

Remember I told you about my friend Dave who helped me out with some good advice, but he wasn't even a club player, yet the difference he made to my game at the beginning was amazing.

These DVD's are presented by some of the top players in the world and believe me, their advice goes way and beyond what any average player can tell you.

3: This Badminton system will save you time and frustration and will dramatically improve your game, much, much quicker, than trying to figure it out for yourself.

Being a personal trainer, I've learned over my career that it makes so much sense to learn from what others already know.

This saves you loads of time, energy and frustration, because you can totally bypass the learning curve that comes with trying to figure it out on your own.

By using this Badminton package, you'll actually save more money and time in the long run by learning from the best.

This is the only package of its kind I've ever come across that's specifically developed for Badminton players who want to improve from their current level of skill and technical knowledge and go on to better things.

4: You can get your questions answered quickly and in-depth.

The last thing you want to do is keep playing the same way for the rest of your life, hitting the same old shots, and getting the same results.

Learn what works and what doesn't, discover the secret underground tactics all the best players use and then use that knowledge yourself...

5: You can trust the people you're learning from.

The DVD's have been created by the governing body of Badminton in the UK - Badminton England. The players presenting the techniques are real professionals who know their sport and are passionate about Badminton.

I can't stress how powerfully knowing these secrets can improve your game.

The changes you'll notice about the way you play... how you think about playing and the results you see and feel (when you put these secrets to use) will help you to become a much better player all round.

Nathan Robertshaw

"Technique is the groundwork of the whole badminton game.


If you are brought up with a very good technique there’s no reason why if you mentally want to train hard you can’t reach a very high level.


But if you’re taught a wrong technique at an early age, it’s almost impossible then to teach it out of your own game because it’s a natural thing and you’ll always go to what you naturally know, so technique is basically the most important thing.


Tactics is probably what makes the difference between winning and losing matches... Basically it comes down to whose playing the best tactics with the right mind set."

Nathan Robertson
Olympic Silver Medallist

"To coin a good old Yorkshire saying ‘You’ve hit the nail on the head’ with this book. Many sports manuals and related books are all activity related with perhaps the a chapter on stretching and  body movement within the particular sport.


Here, I think you are looking at training yourself to be physically fit to play Badminton or indeed any other sport. This is a novel and, in my mind, a perfectly sensible way to prepare your body for the physical activity of Badminton, be you a relative novice, club player or for that matter an elite player.


As someone who has Coached, trained and advised people in playing Badminton for more years than I care to remember, one of my first principles behind Badminton is movement, or use of the feet. If you can’t get to the shuttle then no amount of shot-playing drills or tactics will be the slightest good to the you.


This is where your manual is of greatest benefit, creating a fitness through strength, stamina and flexibility to enable someone to move around the Badminton court and then play that all important shot.


Remember my advise to you when you thought you weren't playing particularly well. Use your strengths, which is primarily fitness, keep the rally going, wait until your opponent tires or makes that crucial mistake through being tired, then make that winning shot.


Any rally over 30-45 seconds long will be a hard one, those lasting over a minute are ‘killers’, it’s either you or your opponent.


How much do you want to win……………. Follow this manual."


Dave ‘Coach’ Crowther

So What's the Bottom Line -
How Much Does This Badminton System Cost?

As I'm sure you know, it's very important that you learn to play your shots correctly, otherwise you'll get in to a rut and simply repeat the same old mistakes... time after time.

So what price can you put on becoming a much better player... virtually overnight?

Not only that... what price can you put on cutting out hours of needless practice and the frustration of never getting any better?

As a busy person, what's your time really worth?

If you could hire the All England coaching team in-person to teach you all of these techniques covered in the DVD's, it would take hours to cover them.

And what about your fitness, working with a personal trainer to show you how to do all of these exercises would set you back hundreds of dollars.

At an average hourly coaching rate of over $100.00 per hour, you'd need to pay at least $1,000.00 to have this team standing next to you, giving you the same exact advice you can get right here, right now... and that's if you could actually get to work with them!

AND once they've left you, you'd have no record or reference as to what they'd taught you. With this program you get to keep it all forever. You'll find yourself checking back over the stuff we cover for years to come.

All of their combined knowledge and time tested tactics and playing techniques have been condensed in to 2 DVD's. This means that you can get the very same knowledge and experience for much less than you'd expect...

AND you can get started IMMEDIATELY!

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This manual contains simple menus, shopping lists and quick snack choices in a day by day format, to ensure that you are feeding your body the right types and amounts of foods essential for fueling your training and assisting your rapid recovery after playing.


You'll discover an easier way to eat a healthy diet by choosing foods that fill you up for longer, without the addition of extra calories that also saves you time and money!   

  • You'll find out how much you should be eating and when to eat it and also the crucial timing of changing the way you eat to boost energy levels and reduce recovery times 
  • Find out a simple but time tested way of eating which guarantees you eat a constant and regular supply of nutrients so you avoid the normal peaks and troughs of energy highs and lows throughout the day. 
  • You' ll learn some great tricks to make healthy eating as easy as child's play that are quick and simple to do even on your busiest days! 
  • Discover a range of quick and healthy food alternatives, that provides you with loads of energy and makes you feel fuller for longer. 
  • The #1 biggest mistake most people make by NOT getting enough of this important nutrient and why doing this simple thing each day will improve the quality of your hair, your skin and energy levels 100%! 
  • A step by step eating system that includes shopping lists and daily menus, leaving you to eat on auto pilot, no need to worry about what you are going to eat, it's all been planned out for you, it couldn't be easier! 



Badminton Injuriesred tickBONUS #2 (worth $17.99) - order now to get this eBook completely FREE - 'Badminton Injuries - How to Prevent and Treat the Most Common Badminton Injuries'


A mini encyclopedia of the most common injuries and niggles that Badminton players regularly suffer from. What they are and how to avoid suffering from them, plus some simple and practical guidelines to follow so you know how to treat any injuries you do pick up.


What to look out for so you don't play through certain injuries, whilst others may be safe to simply work through with no problems.


How quick and appropriate treatment of certain injuries can radically reduce recovery times or at least cut down rehabilitation time dramatically.




How To Start Runningred tickBONUS #3 (worth $37.99) - order now and you'll also receive these eBooks completely FREE - 'How to Start Running'


I thought this also might be a really useful bonus for you. It's one of my favourite training guides and will help you to plan, organise and start your very own running program. 


Running is a great way to build up your fitness levels so you have more energy and stamina both on court and in everyday life. But the problem is that most people don't know how to get started properly, so they end up giving up too soon without noticing any improvements to their fitness or seeing any benefits at all.


'How To Start Running' is a complete guide to running for both beginners and experienced runners.


The advanced techniques and training tips you'll learn inside will change the way you approach running forever.


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Even though these products are sold together as a package, Badminton England has no link or affiliation to New Image Fitness Ltd whatsoever and does not endorse or recommend any of their training guides.